Sunday, 10 March 2013


How are you going to gather data?

We will be surveying at least 30 students between the ages of 13 - 16 with the help of Google forms. The link of the form is: The respondents are students who live in Singapore. They are mostly friends and family members whom we have contacted via Facebook as they are easily accessible. The survey is spanned over a period of 2 weeks.

How are you going to collate data?

We will be using google forms as it is easy to use and and is able to collate data into spreadsheets conveniently. The survey would be mostly short answered questions so it is easier to look through and summarise the data. 

How are you going to shift and sort data i.e. which data is important?
The data will be sorted nicely in a spreadsheet by google forms. We will standardise and
edit some answers to it will be easier to look at as some answers may vary (e.g. Height      162cm/1.62m). The answers will be calculated to find the BMI. It will be collated to find the mean of the  results. Most of the data is all we need and all data is important.

Data Analysis:

How are you going to analyse the data?
We will find the average amount of time spent to exercise and then compare it with the average BMI and see whether it is a major factor affecting BMI. We will also see if the students are aware that exercising affects their BMI.

How are you going to present the data?

The statistics on the amount of time spent exercising for a person who is in the low, healthy and high range of the BMI will be shown through a graph. The statistics on whether the students know that exercise affects their  BMI and how much they exercise will also be shown on a graph. This measures will allow us to see the trend and find the root cause of the problem. We can also present the data from different perspectives using different  graphs (e.g. Pie Chart) to allow us to have a better understanding of the trend.

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