Annex F - Individual Reflections

Issac - It was somewhat a manageable project for me. However, there were times when it was troublesome as some of my group mates were doing their tasks to my standards where they slack, giving vague answers. It was troublesome to conduct meetings as they, like me, were very busy with other external issues. So, it was quite rare where we could meet one another. However, it gave a better idea of how my team can accomplish their tasks and every individual plus and minus points. Also, it also showed me the areas where I lack. It was a good experience where all of us interact to solve different issues that persist. I learnt from all theses difficulties that every one is different in their own way. So, a leader is a person who optimise the person's talents however, I still that I have not reach that stage yet as I have troubles to bring out my group mates' fullest potential in this project. It has showed me the troubles that are faced in the real world though the consequences are greater.

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