5. Conclusion

In conclusion, BMI is indeed affected by lack of exercise. However, based from our results, although one of our respondents exercises more frequently than the others, he is still overweight. This tells us that there are many other factors (e.g. the environment etc), affecting the BMI. It is important for all students to have a balanced diet and lifestyle and not just exercise regularly as if they fail to do so, they would either have insufficient nutrients to carry out daily processes and this can lead to death or will have excessive nutrients which will be stored as fats and this causes them to have a shorter life expectancy as they have a higher risk of getting chronic diseases. Therefore, we should educate the younger ones about effects of lack of exercise as it has a huge impact to the population of a country. We have also found out that most of the students are underweight. This trend is not very good and i think that we should increase efforts in educating them that health is more important than appearance and that they should not starve themselves to look thin

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