Wednesday, 26 September 2012


scene 1: showing the problem

xavier and junkai gets their height and weight and BMI from their their teacher(issac).

We will then show part of both of the students daily life
Xavier: active and healthy
Junkai: lazy and unactive

Then they will then go for health education class showing how BMI affects the body

Junkai( overweight boy)
Xavier( healthy boy)
Issac( PE teacher)
Roger( health education teacher)

Scene 1:

Issac: xavier and Junkai, please come over here.
*walks towards issac*
Issac: Xavier your BMi is 20, very good you are in the healthy range. Junkai, your BMI is 30, That is very bad, you are borderline severely overweight, you have to exercise more.

Scene 2:
*Xavier eats an apple*
Xavier: an apple a day keeps the doctor away
Xavier then runs around the feild one time

Scene 3
* eats laksa *
Junkai: nothing better than a big bowl of laksa.
Junkai then proceeds to sleep

Scene 4
*roger walks into the class*
Junkai and xavier: good morning mr Ong
Roger: good morning, today i will teach you about BMI
* shows dangers of high BMI*

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