Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Essential questions

Many adults are unhealthy because of lack of exercise
Why is my topic interesting?
It is a problem that many people face
What is the value if exploring this topic. 
It helps others and myself learn about how to exercise and what are the causes of lack of exercise
 What are the interesting and relevant learning points derived from my topic?
I will learn o’s and do not’s in this topic and how to become healthy exercising the proper way.
Why are my suggested strategies to deal with the topic interesting and effective?
Suggest a campaign for couch potatoes on how to deal with exercise issues
Why is my topic feasible?
It is not very complex to understand
How can i obtain concrete evidence to support my research on the topic?
I can find information from various websites
Who are mt target audiences?
They are mainly overweight or weak people who needs proper exercise advise
Why have i chosen these groups of target audiences?
It is because, it is more important for these people to have to be able to know facts on how to exercise properly

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