Monday, 25 June 2012

IRS Homework, Due next week

Question 4
In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Rublic Relations Manager? Why?


  1. In my opinions:

    The leader should be responsible for the group and oversee the group operations. The blog manager should update the blog regularly e.g. every week.
    The schedule manager should be the one arranging the group meetings and etc. The Public relations manager should be the one making the surveys to reach out to the public etc.

  2. In my opinion:

    The leader is overall responsible and help motivate other members to finish the task on time and on budget,he also provides guidance when the team is facing a challenge.

    The blog manager has to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the content that he post on the blog,he must also ensure that copyrights are upheld or not in fringed.

    The Schedule Manager controls the overall project plan and ensures everyone do their tasks on time.

    The public relations manager handles relationship and communication with external parties for the team.He also conducts research to find out the concerns and expectations of stakeholders.

  3. The leader is responsible for everything and motivates his group mates.
    The blog manager has to ensure that the contents posted is accurate.
    The Schedule Manager has to ensure on time project meetings and punctual handing up of work.
    The public relations manager engages with the parties outside, getting information to handle the research smoothly.

  4. In my opinion,
    The leaders task is to ensure that the group is on task and is the main motivational support of the group. He/she has to ensure that the group functions properly.

    The blog manager's task is to ensure that the blog is properly organized and is up to date. He ensures that there will be no infringements at all in the blog

    The schedule manager arranges and plans meetings with the group.

    The public relations manager helps communicate with the public representing the group